Post-Brexit freight forwarding from and to the United Kingdom

Before the first of January 2021, moving goods was allowed between the UK and the countries of the mainland Europe. Without any costs or limitations, you could then rapidly and efficiently ship goods to the British Isles. Since the Brexit came into force, the same shipping routes now require you to pass through customs. Freight forwarding to and from England, Scotland and Wales has thus become more complicated.

The UK is no longer part of the European internal market and customs union. Because of the last-minute deal with the European Union, the UK is able to maintain tariff and quota-free trade between the United Kingdom and the EU, but there are still customs controls. Therefore, freight forwarders have to fill out a lot more paperwork before they can import or export any cargo. Goods that pass through several European countries on their way to or from Britain will also be subject to stricter inspection.

When it comes to freight forwarding, Scotland, England and Wales are no longer European countries , but are treated as international importers or exporters. That equals post-Brexit freight forwarding to the general international trade.

To make things even more complicated, Northern Ireland does remain part of the EU customs and VAT regime. Shipping goods to and from Northern Ireland from the EU is easy, but if they have to go to the UK from there, it gets more complex again.

To make transporting your cargo easier, you can rely on an experienced freight forwarder like Ucomar. Not only do we load, unload, handle and store your cargo, if required we can also take care of all VAT and customs paperwork and other formalities. This is how we help both experienced and first-time companies get to grips with the changing forwarding rules in the Brexit jumble when they want to ship cargo to the UK.

To do so, we draw on years of experience with freight forwarding all over the world. We have a deep understanding of complex custom regulations for each non-EU country and the systems in place to register goods to ensure smooth transit. By entrusting your cargo to us, you can minimise shipping delays or additional costs that might occur in Brexit-related forwarding.

Do you have any questions concerning freight forwarding and the Brexit? Don’t hesisate to contact us!

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