Breakbulk, Ucomar and the port of Antwerp

Breakbulk, Ucomar and the port of Antwerp

In the past year, 9.212.549 tonnes of breakbulk were transported to or from the port of Antwerp, accounting for no less than 214 breakbulk departures every month. This makes Antwerp the leading breakbulk port in Europe and an important consolidation and export location for project cargo. It may come as no surprise that we as breakbulk and heavy lift experts are operating in this important port.

Breakbulk cannot be captured in one single definition. One thing that is certain is that these are big, unique pieces of cargo. The vast majority of breakbulk goods handled by the port of Antwerp in 2019 were steel products, but also a lot of forest products, perishable products, general cargo & project cargoes were loaded & unloaded.

Breakbulk in the port of Antwerp

As an essential link in the global supply chains, Antwerp has established itself as a leading European port with a strong cargo range, including breakbulk and project cargo.

The handling of breakbulk is extremely labour-intensive and relies on highly skilled professionals. Luckily, we can count on the dockworkers of Antwerp who are known for their professionalism. In addition to this, there’s our years of experience with breakbulk & our strong connections in the port area . Our knowledge not only stops at pure handling of cargoes, but covers also other related fields like IMO , Customs & VAT regulations.

Another asset that makes the port of Antwerp such a great player in the handling of breakbulk is the ‘can do’ mentality, according to the CEO of the port of Antwerp, Jacques Vandermeiren. For us, this mentality is very important: whatever you want to ship, at Ucomar we will find a solution.

Ucomar, proud member of the port of Antwerp

Ucomar was founded in 1956 in the port of Antwerp. Even now, more than 60 years later, we are firmly anchored in the local port scene. From our headquarters in the heart of the port, we organise the transport of all kinds of cargo all over the world, including and especially the unique breakbulk cargoes. Take a look at all our A-Z services for breakbulk and heavy lift. By providing a first-class service and ongoing innovation, we are proud to contribute to Antwerp’s strong reputation as a leading breakbulk port.

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