New regulations for vehicles loaded with additional cargo in the Port of Antwerp

New regulations for vehicles loaded with additional cargo in the Port of Antwerp

Over the past years, the Port of Antwerp has taken several measurements to further improve the safety and security on the terminal and on the vessels. We like to inform you that per 1/1/2021 new rules will come into force, concerning vehicles with additional cargo (so called byload) in the Port of Antwerp.

These new rules, which are further clarified below, have an impact on us and on some of our clients. As per instructions of the harbour master, any vehicle that doesn’t comply to the new regulations will be blocked in the port and will not be shipped until necessary rectifications have been done. It is therefore important to strictly adhere to these new regulations!

New regulations for byload 

The new rules stated by the authority of the Port of Antwerp take effect from January first 2021 and are as follows:

  • Vehicle categories of cars (max 1.70 m high ) and small vans (1.71m to 2.10 m h): no byload allowed
  • Vehicle category big van ( > 2.10 m upto 2.60 m):

o  open compartments: cargo allowed up to shoulder height of seats

o  closed compartments: cargo allowed in cargo space, up to half of the height of the compartment

  • Buses for passenger transportation: no byload allowed
  • Vehicle category of trucks / roro vehicle class (vehicles > 2.60 m high / > 2.20 m 
wide ): byload up to permissible maximum weight of the vehicle.

As before, for trucks and big vans loaded with extra cargo inside, a packing list will still be required. For the sake of good order, these regulations also apply for transhipment cargoes via the port of Antwerp.

We trust you will duly note these amended regulations in order to guarantee a smooth shipment of your vehicles. Needless to say we remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.

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