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President and CEO

On behalf of the entire logistics team, I would like to say thank you to Ucomar in executing this first coastal vessel transport for the Kelvin project and receiving the materials safely into storage at Antwerp.

Project Manager

My colleagues and I are very happy with Ucomar. We mainly deal with Sonia and Erik. You can easily tell that the customer is in the foreground and not, as usual, only the money. We also see that your employees are always very friendly, courteous and informative. Real professionals! So far, Erik has never said, "We can't do that ..."! He always has a plan B, C or even D on hand, which impresses us very much and is a great testimony to his high level of expertise. We didn't have any negative points last year. We look forward to working with you for another year.

Export Manager

There is no reason for criticism on our part, rather praise for the partnership that has been going on for decades. If there is any criticism, we take the liberty to express it directly and promptly. We hope the same from UCOMAR. Good "spouses" always say everything.

Ocean Freight Key Account

It feels very good to have someone in Antwerp, on whom you can always rely completely. I've known Erik for ages, and our collaboration was always great! I truly hope it will remain like that for the remainder of my active career in Freight Forwarding.

Export Manager

The transports last year were overwhelmingly positive with Ucomar. Also in connection with the loading report, which is very important to us, everything works well. We look forward to the next projects with you.

Pricing Manager Projects

I am utterly satisfied with Ucomar, even if sometimes we pay a premium. I have known Erik for a long time and I appreciate his work and that of his colleagues.

Export Manager

Due to the nature of the cargo we transport, we require to work with experts and the service that Ucomar provides, meets our needs. We are really satisfied with the service Ucomar provides to our company. It is always very professional, we get all information we need on time, we are informed about our application process, where our truck are, when they arrive to port, etc. So we are looking forward to yet another year of collaboration!

Project Manager

# Competent across freight lines
# Flexible
# Resourceful in finding solutions
# Always a contact person to be reached - even if Erik works from home
# Dedicated, competitive rate offers
# Friendly service and prompt feedback
Everybody wants a partner like that! Afterall, human interaction remains an important component of our business.

Export Manager

I searched for a long time but found nothing to complain about, we are satisfied.
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