Erik Wullaert, Managing Director, about the past year and future for Ucomar

“The past year has been very hectic due to corona, to say the least. Our employees were forced to work from home, but also our suppliers and customers. Everything slowed down, was more difficult. Digitalization can partly provide solutions, but in our sector physical contact is very important. Going to see loads on site, foreign contacts, networking opportunities, professional lunches … Interprofessional contacts that are very satisfying but which were no longer possible due to corona.

In addition, there was an increasing pressure on transport because of various shortages and congestion at terminals. On top of this there were delays of ships and the planning for us became enormously complex. We can only use containers for a limited time without extra costs. If there are delays, everything has to be rearranged and so these days, we often have to start all over again.

There are fewer people and resources available, but everything has to be done at the same time. Because of covid, there are also additional regulations, such as the 3G regulations in Germany, changing VAT rules for transports and the mobility package. This makes everything more difficult but on the other hand, we are never bored! 😉

“The positive side of this whole difficult period is that, due to the problems with containers, people are going back to other conventional shipments, such as breakbulk and ro-ro shipments. And let that be our specialty!”

One of our great achievements in the past year was the large series of transports from various European member states to the UK. A good preparation is everything! Thanks to our network of partners and our customers, we have been able to handle such projects nicely despite the Brexit.

The daily efforts within our small team have led to efficient solutions and a grow of our customer base. We experience that people like working with us because of the expertise, the fact that we think out of the box and are more prepared.

Our success lies in our good preparation and the ability to offer our customers alternatives if necessary. We always work out different scenarios in order to be able to switch faster if necessary. This is where we can make the difference and we see favorable growth into the future. In 2022, we will grow with additional staff, and we have great prospects.

I am convinced that in the near future we will be able to conclude many more great realizations together and for our customers!”

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